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About Tyler International

Since 1987, Tyler International has been designing and managing Study Tour programs for international students in Queensland. 

Over the last three decades, the landscape of International Education has changed and Tyler International has been at the forefront of these advancements in this dynamic Study Tour industry. 

Tyler International’s unique expertise in the design and delivery of Study Tours involving many age groups and nationalities, makes them a premier choice for “tailor-made” tours, catering for a variety of specific purposes and requests.

Specialist ESL teachers, caring homestay families and quality resources developed for each individual Study Tour group ensures satisfaction and a successful program experience for all participants.

Tyler International Team


Tyler International is proud of their experienced team of dedicated specialist ESL and Industry Specialist Teachers, Homestay Coordinators, Consultants and Administration Staff. Our collective aim is to ensure our international students, partner schools and universities, homestay families and industry suppliers enjoy a first-class experience.
Cindy Ereaut Tyler International
Cindy Ereaut
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Bertsos Tyler International
Paul Bertsos
Study Tour Manager
Anais Ereaut Tyler International
Anais Ereaut
ESL Teacher
Leanne, Peter, Emily & Ben

As a Trinity family, we feel incredibly fortunate to have had Japanese homestay students through Tyler International, from Reitaku (Tokyo and Mukogawa High School, in our home over the past four years. Not only is it a tremendously unique cultural experience for your own family, it is also incredibly rewarding to know that you have contributed so positively to young Japanese students’ Australian experience. We have found all of our Japanese Homestay students to be very polite, helpful and kind. Often, this is their first time away from home and absent from their families. Providing them with a warm and welcoming Aussie environment for them to come home to each day means more to them and their family, than words can express. Prior to committing to a Homestay student for the very first time, we had all agreed as a family that it would be a lovely thing to do. From our perspective, we never looked back once we became involved and saw what a wonderful experience it is for everyone involved.

Judy and Eugene

The initial arrival of our homestay students is always interesting and viewed with great anticipation, not to mention a great learning experience for all concerned – for the student and especially for our family in general. Not only do we exchange cultural values but we love to share our home and amazing Gold Coast City. We have also had the pleasure of hosting some teachers and leaders who are here to look after their own students in our City through Tyler International’s programs. We find them extremely fun and very entertaining. Some of our fondest memories is also of our youngest homestay students who were only 11 years old. They were so helpful and cute – such a fantastic experience.